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    When did the Mahakala temple first come in existence, is difficult to tell. However, the event may be assigned to the Pre-historic period. Puranas narrate that it was first established by Prajapita Brahma. There is reference to the appointment of prince Kumarasena by king Chanda Pradyota in 6th c. BC for looking after the law and order situations of Mahakala temple. The punch-marked coins of Ujjain, belonging to 4th-3rd c. BC, bear the figure of Lord Siva on them.
    Mahakala temple is also mentioned in several ancient Indian poetic texts. According to these texts, the temple had been very magnificent and magnanimous.Its foundation and platform were built of stones. The temple rested on the wooden pillars.There had been no sikharas on the temples prior to the Gupta period. The roofs of temples had mostly been flat.Possibly due to this fact, Kalidasa in Raghuvansam described this temple as ‘Niketana’.The palace of the king had been in the vicinity of the temple. In the early part of the Meghadutam (Purva Megha),Kalidasa gives a fascinating description of the Mahakala temple.


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